THE maternity shoot

To do a maternity shoot or not...
After all, perhaps you may have the 'pregnancy glow' to begin with, but by the time 34/35 weeks of pregnancy comes around, you no longer feel that glamorous and eager to be in front of a camera lens.
I did not get to do a maternity shoot when I was pregnant with Jaxon. I left it a little late, and when I decided I wanted to do one, he arrived earlier than planned at 37 weeks. This time, I really wanted to have some photos to look back on of my pregnant belly, so decided to go ahead with a maternity shoot and didn't leave it for the last, just in case she would make her appearance early too.
I am SO glad I did the maternity shoot. I look at these photos with such fondness every time, remembering every little kick and shove from the inside and how truly special it is to grow another human (BIG UPS to all mamas!). It was also great fun getting dressed up for the shoot, having my make-up done at MAC, doing my hair and hiring a dress from Silver Swallow Design in the hopes to look at least somewhat decent.
As they capture all our special moments in our lives (including our wedding 9 years ago), Tyme Photography did an amazing job of capturing all these special memories for us too. Each and every photo taken is beautiful and special to me, a few intimate ones I have kept for myself to cherish forever, but these are just a few of my favourites I want to share.
Jaxon was not in the best of moods the entire week leading up to our shoot, since we had just come back from our "baby moon trip" where he joined too, and he wasn't happy to be getting back into the rat race of life. But... he was an absolute sport on the day, showing off and we all shared plenty laughs together, making it all that much more fun and memorable.
There is something so special about growing a little person inside of you for 9 months and I am really so happy to have these pictures to look back on time and time again.
I would definitely recommend any mama to be do a maternity shoot, you won't regret it!

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