Special friendships and adventures

I will never forget the days, just over two and a half years ago, that three of my close friends and I all found out we were expecting. I remember one after each other, a few weeks apart, sharing the news with one another and all being so surprised, having a good laugh about it and then getting very excited that we were going to share this journey together. Of course, it was even more funny and spectacular news to find out we were all expecting BOYS!
Looking back, I have to say it was so genuinely special to share all our pregnancy stories, the morning sickness, the scans and all the excitement leading up to the days we welcomed our boys into this world. It was even more special watching our baby boys grow together. Our regular mommy "catch ups" over coffee, sharing all the fun moments, exchanging thoughts and tips with one another about breastfeeding, teething, sleeping and all other things parenthood related, were just the BEST!
When Liv from My Tiny Teepee contacted me to send me one of her gorgeous teepee's, I was "over the moon." Our teepee arrived three days before we were set to go on another little adventure with all together with our boys. It was perfect timing! I immediately knew this would be the best time to get some updated shots of our boys (as the last professional photo we have of them all, they were still being baked in our ovens :)), along with the beautiful teepee. We had an amazing weekend away together with our "tribe," the boys had a blast swimming, riding bikes, digging in the dirt and we even managed to fit in a game drive. There is something so special about being out in the bush, surrounded by beautiful nature and animals, and we all got to enjoy it together.
This weekend away and this amazing setting made for some perfect shots and memories of Jaxon and his special friends that will last a lifetime.
"Friendship is all about
trusting each other,
helping each other,
loving each other
being crazy together."
These boys have already shared so many good memories together in just two and a half years. I can only imagine what's in store for the years to come! They are even fortunate to be attending school together, and everyone knows them as best of friends there too.
"Friends make the world beautiful."
Thank you to Tyme Photography again for capturing these beautiful memories, as always you do a phenomenal job.
Thank you to everyone for helping "behind the scenes" too, making this as fun and amazing as it was.
Thank-you to My Tiny Teepee for the beautiful and unique handmade play tent. I can see us enjoying many more adventures with it.
"Find your tribe and love them hard."
We are really so fortunate to have the friends we do and I am so thankful and grateful that Jaxon has Kade, James and River to enjoy many more adventures with.

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